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Praterstrasse 14
1020 Wien

supHerb is a premium Cannabis store with a mission

at the heart of Leopoldsstadt in Vienna the supHerb Cannabis store stands for positive change in local Cannabis culture.

cultivating the future of Cannabis.

we offer a wide range of different Cannabidiol (CBD) articles, including CDB-weed, -vapes as well as CBD-oils, all of it officially certified. CBD is made from female hemp and because of the low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content its intoxicating effect is next to none. in most European countries CBD is legal and it affects body and mind quite positively. CBD is used for treating chronic pain and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Also people suffering from anxieties and panic attacks found aid in CBD products. See for yourself, experience CBD's soothing and anti-convulsive effects and find what's right for you.

quality cbd cannabis

our assortment of herbal produce, classic "gras", consists of the finest CBD buds. Upon request you can receive a detailed certificate from the institute hemp analytics, breaking down the buds.

quality cbd oils

CBD oils are perfect for oral ingestion. For an optimal effect the correct application is key. High concentrated CBD oils should be consumed in lower dosages. We gladly take time to individually consult you about all these things at the shop.

we trust in friends

selected products under highest quality control. We know all of our suppliers, growers and merchants.

quality cbd vapes

high end distillates like the ones from Highkind have risen in popularity. Our shop offers these premium products, suited for all standard vape devices. friends of extracts (vapes and dabs) can find our exclusive offers from Highkind Extracts. These high class products contain up to 60% CBD, CBG and real terpenes.

premium products

for the daily grind

Highkind CBD Cartridge 60% CBD

Highkind Extracts Cannabinoid Concentrates Limited Edition Grade A Cannabis derived Terps Terpene rich distillate Vape Oil Cartridge 60% CBD 0,2> THC

THC 0,1% CBD 60%

Highkind CBD Catridge 60% CBD

Highkind Extracts Cannabinoid Concentrates Limited Edition Grade A Cannabis derived Terps Terpene rich distillate Vape Oil Cartridge 54% CBD 0,2> THC

THC 0,1% CBD 60%

supHerb is committed to celebrate Cannabis culture more than ever before.

trust & quality

Our Viennese CBD shop only sells selected and regularly quality controlled products. We have a high claim to good merchandise and if you have further questions about it or CBD general, we invite you to visit us in the shop to offer you personalised expert advice.

Wholesome & more

Money or profit has never been our motivation, striving for the best possible products with the greatest benefit for the consumer is what drives us.


our staff is trained to consult and help out with any questions you might have. We do not only sell CBD, but have years of experience with the scientific and growing aspects of Cannabinoids we are happy to share.